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  • kosher approved factory

    Kosher is a term used to describe foods that comply with dietary guidelines set by traditional Jewish law. These laws determine which foods may be consumed and how they must be produced, processed, and...
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  • Composition and nutritional value of pumpkin seeds

    Nutrition According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Nutrient Database, a 100-g serving of organic pumpkin seeds contains : 127 calories 15 g of carbohydrate (including 0 ...
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    Anuga, the worlds largest trade fair for food and beverages, breaks new grounds for the developments of the entire industry. It is the most important industry meeting point as the figures of 2019once a...
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    17 21 February 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre. Gulfood is the largest food, beverage, and hospitality fair. The event attracts food and beverage industries and professionals to Dubai from all over the ...
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  • World Food Moscow 2019

    WorldFood Moscow2019 30th Anniversary International Food Exhibition WorldFood Moscow, Russias largest autumn food exhibition, is the main meeting place for food industry leaderson the eve of the new fi...
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  • France SIAL 2018

    The SIAL was established in 1964 by several groups, including the Confdration Gnrale de lAlimentation en dtail (General Confederation of the Retail Food Trade), and at the instigation of public authori...
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  • The efficacy of pumpkin seeds

    Some of the smallest foods hold the most powerful properties for your health. A seed so tiny yet so powerful are this superfood . Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for the heart, bones, happiness and much m...
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